Channel Sales

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Distribution plays a critical role in the global success of international technology companies by building a robust and efficient distribution network. In the midst of highly competitive markets, it is essential to rely on experienced distribution partners to maximize reach and successfully penetrate different regional and technology markets. Utilizing distribution channels allows technology companies to tap into the local expertise and established networks of their partners, facilitating smooth market entry and adaptation to cultural nuances. In addition, through the targeted use of channel strategies, international technology companies can optimize their resources, outsource the customization and implementation process to experienced partners, and focus on their core competencies to achieve accelerated growth through effective regional marketing.

Our services – The benefit for our clients

  • Workshop to develop the strategy and the target market
  • Initial market analysis / rough concept of the approach depending on the workshop
  • Longlist based on the rough concept
  • First test approach to the defined market
  • Refinement of the approach to the market, correction of the target definition if necessary
  • Clearly time-limited approach (recruiting of partners) of the market

Our expertise

Years of experience have resulted in a clearly structured approach and qualitative transparency in communication with both the client and the candidates approached.