We are convinced by IIC’s efficiency and professional competence.
We develop and distribute an innovative, groundbreaking controlling solution with Seneca. After having entered the market for the first time, we started an intensive search for distribution and implementation partners on the German market.
The IIC company intensively assisted us as a successful partner acquisition unit. Thanks to their excellent networking in the IT market and their professional competence, IIC has been working very efficiently from the beginning. They do not only convey the product functionalities to potential partners, but also coordinate the distributional and strategic approaches for cooperation with the addressed companies. Our partner management and the company management can rely on very well prepared appointments with potential partners with little time expenditure. The 6 month duration of our cooperation with IIC is a fair concept for us.
We have been convinced by their professionalism together with cooperativeness in developing partnerships for products needing explanation such as a controlling system. We can certainly recommend Mr Bezikofer and his team at any time.