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We support Software Vendors and IT Companies globally

IIC’s highly acclaimed B2B model is designed to yield great returns from small investments for our distinguished ICT clientele.

We offer worldwide market mastery of target audiences, providing robust leadership across the Information Communications Technology field. IIC’s clear mission is to generate durable relationships by linking ICT companies on key levels of mutual benefit.

We foster innovative networks throughout the vast ICT community, with a real affinity for consulting and sales partnerships to strategic alliances, mergers & acquisitions and investor relations.

IIC’s operations are firmly established all over the world, with special concentrations in dynamic ICT hubs in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the United States, China and Africa.

We invite you to consider the competitive advantages of IIC’s prowess in accelerating your ICT business development!


We link contacts for software vendors and IT companies on different levels

We skillfully assess the client’s unique goals and ambitions – formulating personalized strategies with the best ICT partners on the best terms. Our global infrastructure serves as an “extended workbench”, enabling us to provide our clients with support in diverse local markets, in-depth regional knowledge and, always, a success-oriented determination.

Business Partnerships

IIC is keenly focused on cultivating business connections between software manufacturers and indirect sales professionals. Our disciplined specialization empowers IIC to develop a comprehensive database of relevant ICT leads, projects, and corporations the world over.

Strategic Partnerships

Identifying the right ICT partners with strong positioning in the client’s target market is essential to boosting sales and will create valuable additional rewards. Depending on the nature of the strategic partnership, corporations may be eligible to purchase shares in their partners’ companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

IIC discreetly assists clients with complex negotiations in buying or selling businesses, whether domestic or foreign, based on our extensive international footprint.


Global Business Development Competencies

IIC’s impressive sales results are achieved by our global, regional and domestic offices and subsidiaries, each with a stellar track record of project management process. Our consultants fully understand their assigned markets and are focused exclusively on profitable ICT connections.


Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal

Eastern Europe

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Turkey

Middle East

Dubai, Saudi Arabia


All 50 States


Shanghai, Xi'an


Algeria, East Africa, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia


Senior Sales Management for Optimal Business Development

Global Experience

Flexibility and a global perspective are increasingly considered requisites for the success of ICT enterprises. Strategic partnerships reduce the need for the expenditure of one’s own resources, enabling increased scale and distributed risk.

  • Consulting:  We offer you solid preparation for productive, long-term business partnerships.
  • Recruitment:  We are adept at identifying and engaging your talented new partners based on job analyses, descriptions and qualifications.
  • Management:  We train your existing partners to ensure efficient and satisfactory collaboration.

Our clientele spans a range of industries, from manufacturing to banking, insurance, healthcare and communication industries.



Our team consists of goal-oriented experts who work effectively on existing contact networks, expanding them continuously with creative outreach. Our staff draws upon our wealth of experience from the areas of software sales, product marketing and mergers & acquisitions – to be present for you as competent consultants.

We work diligently for our clients, deploying the resources of our own regional offices - on demand – for prompt responses by our culturally-sensitive local sales professionals.


some of our success stories

“Creating a new business network in a country is quite a challenge: it requires a lot of thorough preparation and research, but most of all perseverance. IIC proved to have all these qualities in-house, which led in our case to many highly qualitative contacts with well-established potential partners in France.”

Luc Wellens
General Manager, Axiom Software Western Europe

"I met Mr. Werner Bezikofer, CEO of IIC, at Hanover Messe in May of 2015. We discussed Eagle Technology's needs to find partners in Europe. After some discussion, we decided to start in France. Werner and his partner Mr. Gino Willhelm started the efforts in September, 2016. They took time, and attended number of meetings with me and my colleagues to learn and understand Eagle Technology's business. In my opinion, they have a very good understanding of software, IT and technology businesses in Europe. In short time, they were able to present me with a select list of qualified partners. After meetings with four potential candidates, we chose to work with a company in France. Gino worked very diligently with the selected company, attending and guiding the meetings in a strategic manner. We have recently signed a distribution agreement with this company in France, and we are underway developing marketing plans to sell each company's products in Europe and USA.

I am very pleased with efforts of IIC, and recommend highly for any company looking for partners."

Harshad Shah
President & CEO Eagle Technology, Inc.

logo-seneca"We are convinced by IIC's efficiency and professional competence.

We develop and distribute an innovative, groundbreaking controlling solution with Seneca. After having entered the market for the first time, we started an intensive search for distribution and implementation partners on the German market.

The IIC company intensively assisted us as a successful partner acquisition unit. Thanks to their excellent networking in the IT market and their professional competence, IIC has been working very efficiently from the beginning. They do not only convey the product functionalities to potential partners, but also coordinate the distributional and strategic approaches for cooperation with the addressed companies. Our partner management and the company management can rely on very well prepared appointments with potential partners with little time expenditure. The 6 month duration of our cooperation with IIC is a fair concept for us.

We have been convinced by their professionalism together with cooperativeness in developing partnerships for products needing explanation such as a controlling system. We can certainly recommend Mr Bezikofer and his team at any time."

Dirk, Freiherr von Pechmann, CEO


Teletech International has chosen IIC Innovative International Consulting to build his Partner Network of its CRM Workshop named NestCRM

Teletech International has developed since 18 years, his own CRM Tools, called NestCRM, and has enriched year after year with functionalities, so that today, it is one of the most comprehensive CRM on the french market. Initially, the group Teletech has chosen to develop its own solution for the benefits of its call center customers for more responsiveness and superior compared on what other CRM publishers offer.

After 17 years of services to the largest national and international groups, 2 very large accounts were purchasers of several modules of the NestCRM solution and are very satisfied.
This is what triggered the decision, often considered to launch a separate offer of a publisher, separately from his initial business as a external call center. The creation of a network of partners has emerged as the best solution to address this new activity and Emmanuel Mignot, CEO Teletech International has choses IIC to drive this process and give him the necessary expertise.

The IIC contribution has not only been putting its expertise and network available, but also the support of its representative, Gino Willhelm, who initially focused its works on the packaging of the offer but also on the construction contract and tariff policies.

Then could begin the actual research of partners and progressively meetings presentation to distributors and other integrators, the approach has emerged and meetings have become increasingly effective with several potential issues at the end.

It was a delicate process, the market for CRM solutions are both changing with the emergence of cloud/Saas offers and the domination of American major, having already long established strong relationships with many integrators and distributors.

Finally, thanks to some successful integration experience in some of these CRM leaders as a complementary solution, NestCRM provided missing functionality to customers on this market leaders. In other cases, particularly in the market of mid size companies, breath of functionality on the same chain will be able to attract many partners."

Emmanuel Mignot, Président Directeur Général

Logo-MEP24"At first we were a bit sceptical, because we thought we already knew the market and our potential partners. The cooperation with IIC, however, quickly demonstrated Mr Bezikofer’s profound knowledge of the trade together with his team and the determination in making new contacts. Many new partnerships were established, which have boosted our business."

Karl-Adolf Gerstenecker, CEO


We survey and adapt to markets based on trending ICT priorities


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