Global Business Development

We are a global M&A and partnership building advisory company

Our core competence is building business relationships on various levels. We help in the search for distributors, strategic partners and investors up to mergers & acquisitions.

Our more than 20 years of experience in global business development can help you efficiently implement your strategy and grow your business. Our network is global with focus on IT hotspots.

We support our clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa, China and USA.

  • Clear focus on ICT
  • Experienced Senior Sales and Business Development Consultants
  • Global contacts and market knowledge
  • Successful since years

Our Services


Business Partnerships

Find the right consulting, sales and business partners / value added resellers (VAR) for your markets. Expand your sales and implementation capacity through our contacts. We know your target markets, understand your business and have numerous contacts in the market for years.

Stakeholder Relations

Finding the right ICT partners with a strong positioning in the customer’s target market is crucial to increasing sales and brings valuable additional benefits. Depending on the type of strategic partnership, companies can acquire shares in their partners’ companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you want to sell your business or grow inorganically, we are happy to support you with our competent team. We establish national and international contacts to software companies, investors, … that fit your goals.

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Why Work With Us

Senior Sales Management for Global Business Development


Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands

Eastern Europe

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Turkey

Middle East

Dubai, Saudi Arabia


All 50 States


Shanghai, Xi’an


Algeria, East Africa, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia

Our Competencies

Our IIC subsidiaries or local offices have a project-oriented approach that has been successful in the past. Our colleagues know their respective markets well and are focused on developing ICT business relationships. We work with software vendors, system integrators, and VARs in the markets every day.

Global Experiences

Internationality and flexibility are more and more the guarantors of success for IT companies. Partners reduce your use of resources, increase your multiplication factor and spread your risk through internationalization.

  • We offer you the basics for a successful partner business
  • We identify and recruit your new partners
  • We develop your existing partners

Our expertise lies in the area of software companies and especially business software in various industries. Our references include solutions for the manufacturing industry, trade, service, banking and insurance, public, health care, telecom industry,…

Professional Teams

Our team consists of goal-oriented experts who work effectively on existing contact networks, expanding them continuously with creative outreach. Our staff draws upon our wealth of experience from the areas of software sales, product marketing and mergers & acquisitions – to be present for you as competent consultants.

We work diligently for our clients, deploying the resources of our own regional offices – on demand – for prompt responses by our culturally-sensitive local sales professionals.


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