IIC Global

The trend towards globalisation does not stop at software manufacturers. The internet has created a global market. Many companies are using this effect to supplement local knowledge by entering into partnerships with other companies in order to expand their international reach. ICT companies are particularly well positioned to benefit from this trend, as their products and services can often be easily transferred to new markets. However, knowledge of the regional target market, both functional and market players, is essential. 

One way in which ICT companies can expand their business internationally is by partnering with other ICT companies in different countries. This can be done through joint ventures, strategic alliances or simply by selling products and services to each other. By partnering with other ICT companies, companies can open up new markets and reach new customers.

Another way for ICT companies to expand their business internationally is to partner with non-ICT companies in different countries. This can be done by providing products and services that help these companies enter the online world or expand their existing online presence. For example, an ICT company could work with a traditional retailer to help them expand their online presence.

IIC can efficiently help you to increase your sales success internationally with our local colleagues.