Teletech International has chosen IIC Innovative International Consulting to build his Partner Network of its CRM Workshop named NestCRM.
The IIC contribution has not only been putting its expertise and network available, but also the support of its representative, Gino Willhelm, who initially focused its works on the packaging of the offer but also on the construction contract and tariff policies.
Then could begin the actual research of partners and progressively meetings presentation to distributors and other integrators, the approach has emerged and meetings have become increasingly effective with several potential issues at the end.
It was a delicate process, the market for CRM solutions are both changing with the emergence of cloud/Saas offers and the domination of American major, having already long established strong relationships with many integrators and distributors.
Finally, thanks to some successful integration experience in some of these CRM leaders as a complementary solution, NestCRM provided missing functionality to customers on this market leaders. In other cases, particularly in the market of mid size companies, breath of functionality on the same chain will be able to attract many partners.